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EMS Expert

Save time!

20 minute sessions are equivalent to a 4 hour workout

The 5 in 1 method!


Benefit from a real gain in muscular performance, thanks to training aimed at making your muscles reach their maximum power.


Your body will be sculpted so that you will finally have the curves of your dreams. With a very positive effect on your psyche from the first sessions!


Improve your physical condition! Our method helps to counteract obesity and includes postoperative muscle strengthening exercises.

Back pain

Goodbye back problems! The simultaneous contraction of agonist and antagonist muscles facilitates the recoordination of postural balance.

Save time

A 20-minute session is the equivalent of 4 hours of training.

Operation of the EMS


The product comes in the form of an adaptable, healthy and ergonomic suit. the person wears this suit equipped with an electronic system.

User profile

A training established according to each person for a safe and effective use. The screen interface is simple and adapts to all physical development needs.

Electrical impulse

The equipment diffuses pre-programmed electrical impulses that will contract specific muscles and solicit muscle groups according to the set work objective.

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