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Master franchise

You want to bring a Body Training Studio to your country of region ?

You can become a master franchisee and bring Body Training Studio to your country or region. We will give you the tools and training to make this project a succes

Who is Body Training Studio aimed at ?

We are passionate about sharing a certain number of communal values with our franchisees, so any Master franchisee is selected according to several criteria.
They should have an entrepreneurial spirit and be passionate about well-being and sport. They should also have a strong team ethic and want to join a young and passionate network. It is also very important to have the ambition to become a market leader.
Each franchisee of Body Training Studio is an entrepreneur who is professionally fulfilled in their studio through contact with a blossoming clientele!

The gym market in Belgium and in Europe is evolving rapidly. Recent scientific discoveries have been able to demonstrate that electric muscle stimulation can have a positive impact on sporting performance. In this context, the EMS market is undergoing considerable development.

Today, the EMS market in Belgium consists of 30 dedicated studios compared with 10 in 2016. It is notable that Body Training Studio offers personalised support. Belgium will have 250 studios dedicates to EMS by 2025. This is why you will enter a rapidly growing market by joining our network.

Why invest in EMS?

How does BTS help you succeed?

Body Training Studio provides outstanding assistance to its franchisees with support in all areas:


BTS offers advice and support on the selection of the commercial premises and conducts market studies, including design and construction.


We will put you in touch with our experts (accounting, banking, legal) and recruit your head coach and qualified coaches from our Academy.


We will communicate our expertise to you in our Academy, by delivering initial training to the manager and coaches, as well as continuous training.

Management Tools

We will give you all the necessary management tools, such as point of sale software, back office operations, CRM system and client booking application.


BTS will take charge of your communication with online campaigns, street marketing, reports and the arrangement of partnerships.


In order to optimise and facilitate the purchases of the franchisee, we will give you discounted prices for the establishment of the premises and any consumables.

Are you ready to join us?


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