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Full body workouts

« Fit is not a destination, it is a way of life »

Focus core

Beginners/advanced   } 2-6 Times a week    No material

Whatever your goals are, a strong core is the basis for any fitness routine as well as maintaining and preparing your EMS-AMAZING-results. A strong core will also help you maintain a good pos-ture and prevent back pain. And by the way a strong core is the key to your sick-pack on the beach.

Focus lower body

Beginners/advanced   } 2-6 Times a week    No material
It is time to announce the fight to your problem areas! With our Beach body Challenge, we optimally complement your EMS training. Just what you need if you want to work even more intensely on tight legs and a flat bottom. One thing I can promise you, it will be sweat! But always remember:
Sweat is fat that leaves your body crying! Let’s rock it!

Balance Challenge

Suitable for everyone   } 1-2 Times a week    No material

Balance exercises engage deeper muscles, which burns more calories, and they also challenge the brain, which keeps your synapses firing and your mind sharp as you are already used to in EMS-training.

Fat Burner

All level   } 2-4 Times a week    No material
EMS-training is keeping you moving at every level of age so does this workout.